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Family, Friends, Mika


Thanksgiving is knocking on our door and I’ve decided to reevaluate the things I’m thankful for. Beside the obvious pleasures of life such as chocolate, puppies and books the top things for which I’m thankful are my family, friends and Mika.

My family.
Kind, stubborn and funny. They know me at my worst and still let me sleep under their roof. They may nerve me from time to time – but hey – we’re family. They support me, in everything I want to achieve and help me give the best there is in me. They are there when no one else is. They are overprotective and they panic a lot, all because, well, they love me. I am thankful for that.

My friends.
Loud, crazy and awesome. Because they know the song in my head and sing it along. Because of all the inside jokes and magic times spent together. Because we are all different and unique in our own way. Because whatever happens we are there for each other, and we stick together for better or for worse. Because nothing in the world could bring us down. Because we can read our minds. Because of this and that and many more, I love you good old friends ( special thanks to Ada, Stefi, Cati, Bogdan and Matei ).

Brilliant, genius and absolutely lovable. I am thankful for music in general but there is this one singer that helped me more than a lot : Mika. Since I started listening to his music, I knew a star was born. His music is more than instruments gathered together. His music is passion, craziness, youth and power. He can make me smile when no one else can. He and his music helped a lot of young people and made me realize, it’s okay to be different. Different is good, black is not a colour and wear rainbow. He does what he loves without caring what others think and I’m thankful for the lessons he has thought me.

Indeed I have a lot to be thankful for.
P.S. Among these I am thankful for much, much more.


Sweet November, you are mine.


Oh sweet November. Not warm, but not yet cold. Time changing, mood-swings, strangeness. A day sunny, the other rainy. No one gets you, no one loves you. It’s the month in which I was born. “So dull and dark are the November days”, a wise man one said. Was he right? Is this month loved by no one? Is it an ocean of emotions, depression and dulness this 11th month? It depresses me to think I’ve reached November. It remembers me how quickly time passes by, how quickly I change. How everyone around me is changing. But I refuse to blame this month for my stupid sadness. These 30 days should be a reason for happiness to me. I’m getting older and wiser. Christmas comes, another year passed by. When did we all get so big?




Today we’ve been asked in school what we think when we hear “teenager” . I’ve heard answers like “adventure” and “trying new experiences”. When someone said shyness, they all disagreed, and strangely it’s the one I agreed most with. How else is it called when you are afraid to even talk to a stranger. I am fully aware there are outgoing persons out there. Then I questioned myself, maybe it’s me the wrong and strange one and not them. They have circles of friends that think like them, I have 1. But I’m happy. Cause you know what. This one or two best friends I’ve got, their the friends. They know everything there is to know. We know when ” sure” means “no way” when “I could come..” means ” I’m dying to come” . And I love them. Cheers to them!


New Beginnings


Hello, dear person who is reading this. What i want all of you to know is that it was not my idea to do this blog. No way. My bestfriend, great girl and blogger started this. She inspired me to do this too, so here we go. My blog will perhaps have no specific topic. It’s just me, writing what I feel, thoughts on a blank desktop. It may sound a bit strange but I’ve never been one to express what i feel. Every person I truly trust knows it’s kind of hard to gain my friendship. I am afraid of new experiences, I may even be a little weird, as my mom said: “Don’t worry, kids can’t be stranger than you”. But, don’t worry I’m an optimistic and romantic at heart, so my posts won’t be emotional. At least not that much. Cheers, beautiful world.


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