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So, today as you all probably know, everyone is celebrating Valentines. I don’t want to sound cynical or unromantic or anything else, but I find this 14 th of February kind of a non-sense, stupid celebration. The couples that are really in love should not wait for a specific day to show their love. It is stupid, not romantic, not original, not even cute. Why do you have to wait for a certain date in the calendar to be told what to do? Plus many people out there are all alone, or suffering for love and you go around all day : “Oh I love my boyfriend so much!” , “Oh I’m so lucky”, “Oh “…I’m such an ignorant bitch! On Valentines Day, it is Saint Valentine so you celebrate those called that way and period.

On the other hand I have nothing against couples or love. I am actually quit romantic and I adore love stories. But if you really love someone you shouldn’t wait until today to express it. You can do with your boyfriend your own Valentine, on a specific day. That way you are original, romantic and actually sweet.


Snow girl


Today I wanted to feel like the pavement in my backyard. So, given the fact that the snow outside was really high I lay down and started doing little angels in the snow. As i lay down I felt a strange joy for that magic peaceful moment. I lay there, without moving. The snowflakes were tickling my face and the moment seemed to never end. I never wanted it to end anyways. I lay down there and completely fell asleep. Like if I closed my eyes everything would disappear. It never felt better to waste time. To completely do absolutely nothing and yet be so amazed. It gave me a certain feeling that I can’t describe. What I’m positive about, is that for one moment, one single second I felt incredible.


Freezing thoughts


Ahh, winter never seems to leave. My city is now literally freezing. It’s cold as hell ( or maybe not cause hell is supposed to be hot). All I want now is a huuge cup of hot chocolate. Oh, the heat of the beverage, how it would flood my cold body. How’s the chocolate best : with cream and a taste of cinnamon on top. That my fellas is heaven in days like this. How else can you resist the snow?
The chocolate is sweet, hot and not to mention deliciously good, a taste that tickles your senses.
Okay, you might think this post is kind of weird and it has no point and in this case you are totally right! I guess the cold went up to my brain.
Now finally I am in my room away from all the cold and the wind. And I love it. I am so happy to be in this warm room under colorful blankets laying thoughts on a blank screen. If this isn’t wonderful I don’t quite now what is.


On my way to Neverland


Today I want to dedicate my post to this movie, my all-time favorite movie, for which I have deep feelings. It’s called ” Finding Neverland” . Thanks to great artists ( especially Johnny Depp, who did an Oscar performance) this movie was a masterpiece. But not only the actors made the movie. No, they were just a bonus. The movie itself has a certain magic I can’t explain. It makes you cry, sob and it makes you smile, even laugh out loud. It makes you think and it lets you develop your imagination. This movie is one of the best things that happened in my life. I can’t describe this movie better than the title itself does. It is a masterpiece about discovering your own identity, about the power of imagination, the power of thoughts. It teaches you that real life is not boring as long as you have an open mind, a creative mind, one that creates and imagines farther than reality.
And leaving aside the greatness of the movie, let’s all take a minute to think about the genius of Johnny Depp. As you probably noticed I am a huge fan of him. Well, especially in this movie he was more than anyone could expect. He was a star. All I know is that when I look into those big dark eyes I can feel exactly what he wants me to feel, whether it is joy or sorrow.


Pure imagination


Sometimes I come to think heaven is closer than many think. When looking at the sky and seeing the illuminated clouds I feel like something magic is happening. Like angels live somewhere hidden in the puffy clouds and look curious down to us. Sometimes I can even see them up there, running and dancing on the clouds, giggling, with a childish, innocent laugh. And when the sun sets down I get the feeling they are putting on a show. The most beautiful and loving show. And everyone is still, looks and can’t explain themselves what is happening. This moments make me believe, they give me the trust to carry on, they make me smile for a moment. This magic of nature leaves me breathless and makes me wonder, if there is more in life than this.




So, I know we are on this wordpress blog but I have to talk about Tumblr. Cause it’s the best damn thing that ever happened to me . Before this awesome site my life was … Black and white. I had the feeling that all the awkward things that happen to me are some kind of a curse. That it is me alone against the world. Then, a great friend told me to make a tumblr account, because it was the best thing I could ever do. I was skeptical at first, and honestly I had had the tumblr account for about one year when one day I finally discovered how it works. Now I found amazing people there, posts that I feel like they had been written about me and kids that go through the same things I do. Every time I come home from school I go directly on my tumblr blog. It’s like my little wonderland, my escape. It’s amazing how happy it makes me. I’m actually starting to feel a little concerned cause it’s almost like a drug, I could stay on there a whole day and not get bored.
So thanks internet for giving us such wonderful virtual world. We really need them.

P.S. I do not want to offend the WordPress site. It is a wonderful blog where I can finally tell my feelings like I would tell them to an old friend. Both blogs are a blessing to me.




When anyone would tell me they cry listening to a certain song I would usually laugh in their face and wonder why on earth would they get so sentimental. My grandmother does that a lot and though I don’t understand it it just saddens me. I can see in her watery eyes all the regrets she has, all the memories she has, all the places she can’t go back to and all the people she’ll never meet again. Sometimes I go to her and I put “Strangers in the night” and I translate it to her. Her eyes immediately get full of tears. Today something made me understand how music can make you cry. I was sitting all alone listening to this genius song and I couldn’t help feeling sad and right there without even noticing one single tear ran down my cheek. And that was it. I realized I’m just as pathetic and weak as everyone.