Monthly Archives: April 2012

Little of our time.


It is said that highschool is the best part of our lives; that it doesn’t get any better than that. I hopefully believe they are wrong. Whoever said that had obviously never attended one. At least not one like mine. I am sure that the memories we live as highschool students are unique and worth to be cherished years after that, butI wouldn’t call it ” the best “. Why? Well, highschool is a really tough period. You deal with spoiled kids and bored teachers that are unable to entertain themselves, and therefore unable to interest the kids. Of course, the friendships you make may distress you for a little while and some even meet their first love. However these four years are difficult. The stress can sometimes get overwhelming, you go through sadness and anxiety. At least I do, sometimes. That doesn’t mean I don’t cherish highschool. I want to remember it as the sweet time when weekends were always busy, when everything was fun and easy, when I was antisocial, when I met my bestfriends, when I still had hope.


You are filling in for my skull.


So basically I have a new obsession. I’ve always misunderstood this fan girl thing but it has finally hit me. I am officially a Sherlockian. I watched every episode some even twice. Than the stalking started. On the Internet, in newspapers. And than, of course, the day-dreaming, where I am Sherlock’s assistant and I help him finish his work. I have every symptom, don’t I? I am a fan girl. And the only thing that can cure me now is the season 3. I need that season 3.
However it’s pretty clear to me that I have been forever sherlocked.


A not-so-serious kind of serious problem.


I know that lately I’ve been blabbing around about peace and life and destiny and all sorts of things like I have a clue about what I’m writing. And maybe, sick of my own “wisdomy” words I decided to speak my mind about a funnier subject, not so crucially important.

Now, I am honestly considering doing a campaign anti-leggings-without-a-long-blouse-or-dress-on. What does that mean? Well, lately I’ve seen lots of women that wear leggings as trousers. In my opinion it is horrible. Unless you are super-ultra-skinny leggings are for large blouses and must not be worn as trousers. It just shows not only that you are not a lady, but that you have absolutely no fashion sense. Coming from someone who goes around in jeans and t-shirts I don’t know much about fashion. But as soon as I see leggings worn as pants I just wish to throw up. So please, for the sake of my eyes, buy yourself a pair of jeans before we all, normal people, go blind.

Sunday morning rain is falling …


Sunday bloody Sunday. Today I’ve been to the Church. I haven’t been there recently and I just don’t know why I always avoid it. In a way, I don’t really believe the Church is the place to talk to God. It should be however,  but people usually forget what this holly place is for. They come here, not searching for peace of mind anymore,but for the sake of the usual routine, more out of fear than pleasure, and finding themselves here all they do is argue and fight, gossip and shout at each other and what should be a spiritual lessons turns into a ridiculous show. Humans forget how to listen, how to find joy in the most basic pleasures of life. It terrifies me. I for one, used to search the church, to seek there peace and happiness, a place to talk with me, about my life and to consider the choices I’ve taken,  judging them as good or wrong. Even if I was just a child the whole thing used to amaze me and give me a certain feeling. Now I only go in the church for holidays trying to rediscover that lost feeling. Somehow, I now find my room safer for midnight confessions and prayers than the church.

Another dangerous drug


So basically, I’m learning how to play the piano. I am just a beginner and I don’t know where this passion for this instrument will lead me. I wish I could say that one day I’ll be singing the piano for a living and that I’ll become famous but I can’t. Because maybe tomorrow I’ll hate it. Maybe the sound of it will make me sick. I have no idea whether I have talent or I suck at playing piano. All I know is that today I love it. I love listening to the sweet sound of it. I love just hearing it. I love playing music on it. Today I’m in love with my piano. Every sound delights me and makes me shine. I could stay the whole day playing and just fantasizing about absolutely nothing. Just me and the sweetest sound on earth…


The path


Lately I’ve seen lots of people in the desperate search of finding their one self. Trying to discover their part in this life, who they are meant to be. But this is all non-sense to me. Traveling the world won’t help you realize who you are because after all, life isn’t about finding yourself but about creating yourself. We spend our whole lives trying to find our path until one day your life is over and you haven’t done anything at all. We are trying so hard to fit in this well-known categories, we try so hard to be labelled, and yet we pretend to be called unique.But, at the end of the day the point in this pointless life is to do whatever you want to do. To fully live, to create the path that suits you best, to face life fearlessly and take the decisions that make you happy. Labels are for the narrow minded because each of us is different, and the appearence may look the same but inside we’re just made out of different ingredients.