Healing the soul.


In 2 weeks I have a piano concert and I am entirely freaking out. I know the songs, I love to play them and I’ve always dreamt about being on a stage. But right now, it kind of scares me. I guess I always wished for those things because, well, I never thought it would happen.
Anyway, the piano, somehow starts to heal me. Before I started playing I used to feel like something was missing, like I was incomplete. At that time I thought that love was what I was missing. The so-called sweet feeling everybody chases. I thought my life was incomplete because I hadn’t found that yet. But here I am today, still alone, happy, still searching for that fascinating soul mate. But this time I am complete. The piano, the feeling that I can sing for myself, the thought that I can play music for my soul whenever I wanted to healed me. I’m no longer in search for something. I’m no longer scared, no longer anxious. The piano helps me think, calms me down and makes me completely happy.



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