I’m Van Gogh


Because tomorrow is my birthday the previous night I had a little sleepover with two friends. Funny enough three 16 year old girls ( we like to call ourselves mature from time to time ) ended up watching Ice Age while eating bacon and Pringles until 4 am in the morning.
Ok, it was fun. More than I’ve had in a while. We played games without STOPING and listened to Muse and The Kooks. So I could say my birthday was pretty good.
My mom couldn’t understand why I don’t want a party to invite more people, and I didn’t really know how to explain her that I don’t feel comfortable around so many people. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway. If you ever have a sleepover I made a list of some activities you can do, after my own experience.

1. Play cards. Whoever loses must receive a dare.
Dare ideas ( we did those ) :
Cinnamon challenge ( eat a spoon full of cinnamon ).
Call someone and tell them the rules of monopoly.
Karaoke your favourite song.
Recite dramatically a poem.
Run outside singing ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber.
Name all dwarves from Snow White in 30 sec. Those you couldn’t name will be written on you.
Eat cake without using your hands.
Put makeup on another person. blindfolded.
2. Watch a cartoon movie. ( or any movie, but those are more fun )
3. Game. You must write a known person, or a fictional one, on a piece of paper and stick it to the forehead of the player to your left. Stay in a circle all of you and try to guess who you are by asking Yes/No questions.

Those would be some ideas, but have fun discovering games you like, as well.

Have fun!!



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