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Happy Thanksgiving


Right, so happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!! πŸ™‚ have a nice celebration.
And to the rest of us… Enjoy your day ( or what it’s left of it. )

I must say what I am thankful for?

β€’Music, earphones, books, posters, movies, journals, sunglasses and warm weather, neardiness, comic books, photo cameras, piano music, Chopin CDs, colorful pijamas…

Oh, and being healthy, having the best family and nice friends and such… Of course.





Okay, so if you are reading this post you need to know I am a huge, huge fan of Sherlock ( BBC series and books). I know it’s ‘just a tv-show’ as the sane people call it, but, slowly it became an unhealthy obsession and I started guiding my life after what they say, and taking their every word as fact. For instance:
– I see but I do not observe.
– Basically everyone’s stupid.
– Brainy is the new sexy.
– Family is all we have in the end.
– Friends protect people.
– A disguise is always a self portrait.
The memory is like an attic with finite space- False.
Or so said our psychology teacher. Of course, hearing that, it sort of destroys my thinking. So obviously I did some research. Apparently there are theories and theories. Some say it’s finite some disagree. According to my text book, there has not yet been discovered where is exactly our memory is. It’s not in our head, as most believe, most likely in our DNA. However, I tend to believe that the more useless information you gather you lose a bit of information you had previously gained, although not seizable.
Well, this had been some serious post.
To end in a good note, I propose to you a little mind exercise to put those lazy neurons to work:

Which day is 2 days before the day that follows immediate the day which is 3 days before the day that is 2 days after the day that is right before Friday?

Have fun, and drop a response in the comment box bellow and I’ll answer in two days. πŸ™‚

Note: My obsession to Sherlock is not /that/ unhealthy. Yet.


Cooking Tuesday: Papanasi


Hello!! πŸ™‚

Since lately I am very full of ideas ( name it the winter originality, I don’t know…) I have decided to start a new thing going on my blog : COOKING TUESDAYS.
Yap, exactly. It is exactly what it sounds like. Every Tuesday I want to share with you the recipe of a cookie, or an interesting course, or whatever I like. Why? Easy. Because FOOD is a reason to be happy, it can sweeten your day and… Basically it’s good and no matter the day you’ve had, or the weather outside, chocolate will always be chocolate.

Today’s recipe is…..PAPANASI. I know, it sound weird. It is a traditional Romanian cookie, somehow like a donut. And it tastes like…heaven.

What you need :

-500g of Cottage Cheese
-2 Eggs
-Lemon Zest from 1 Lemon
-100g of Raisins
-1/2 Teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate
-1/4 Teaspoon of Salt
-2-3 Teaspoons of Vanilla Sugar ( Simply take a Vanilla Stick cut in in half and put it in a jar of sugar for a few days )
-300g of Flour ( 200g for the dumplings and 100 for the modeling itself)
-Sunflower Oil ( Enough for deep frying )
-Sour cherry Jam

In a large mixing bowl put together the cottage cheese,the eggs,the salt,the lemon zest,the vanilla sugar,the sodium bicarbonate and the raisins .Thoroughly mix the content of the bowl till everything is nicely spread out then add the flour ( 200g) and incorporate it into the mixture,if the mixture is too runny add a little more flower it should be fairly consistent.Spread some flower over your cooking table and with a spoon dipped in water for balls from mixture and model them into a ring by pressing on the middle first then creating a gap and rounding it off ,make sure to use flour so the dough doesn’t stick to your hands or surface.For every ring made also make a small ball of dough.Once you have done this prepare a pot with oil in order to deep fry the rings and balls till they are golden brown on each side.Serve hot powdered with caster sugar ( you can make some caster sugar from the vanilla sugar in a food processor) topped with cream and sour cherry jam.Enjoy this wonderful dessert.

Enjooooy! πŸ™‚

Recipe taken from here


Learning time: The Hobbit


So, I have decided to do some posts ( Learning times) where I can post about books I read, opinions on them or sometimes, movies. Why? Because I want to share with you those I find great and maybe make some of you read more, a thing everyone should make a routine out of.
So, as you all know, on the 14th of December the big premiere of the Hobbit appears and I hate seeing a movie without reading its book. That is why today I bought J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel and started it immediately. You can judge me for not having read it until now, but better late than never. So far, so good is all I can say. I can always admire a writer who creates a whole world by himself, who leaves reality behind and focuses on a fictional universe. The start is definitely promising and I am sure the rest will not disappoint me.
Of the movie I have heard a lot lately and I am far too excited for it. I’m just very curious to see little Martin as a hobbit. I’m sure I’ll have a good laugh, then I will be amazed…
Hmmm, well, until the 14th of December( after, sooner,..anytime really) let me know what you are reading, what books you like or what you are planning to see in the near future πŸ™‚

More information about The Hobbit you can find on:

Or on old, trustworthy Wikipedia:

Have fun! and read as much as you can!


Public transport. (or yelling and enduring)


Every day, I go to school with the bus and return with the subway. So, I spend a fair amount of time in the public transport. (a very good way to understand the cruelty of people since an early age.)

Surviving such a ride, you need to have grown up in these, or respect a few basic rules:

1. Not ever will you catch a free sit. If they happen to exist, however, you need to let everyone else have them, otherwise you are just another example of a rebellious, uneducated teenager.

2. If you happen to receive an elbow in your stomach, don’t give up! It happens often, you’ll slowly get used to the pain.

3. You must, MUST keep your schoolbag in your hand, not on your back. The fact that your arm is broken and hurting is not anyone’s problem.

4. Do at all time listen to your music without earphones on. People love to hear your delightful taste in music.

5. Feel free to eat McDonalds products, as the smell does not do any damage to our hungry stomachs.

Of course, this rules are flexible and everyone behaves originally, based on natural instincts.

Seriously, though, if you have a car, use it! Avoid smells and crowds and crazy people talking politics. It’s soo much easier…


A while..


I know, I know, it’s been a while. Maybe more. The lack of posts are not because of the small amount of free time, but mainly because I had nothing to say.

However, now I am back, trying to approach this blog thing a little different manner.