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Did you miss me?


It’s been a while. I gave up on the idea of a blog a while ago and I keep turning back to it. For some reason.
I haven’t really been busy. Well, summer was full, taking over my life with its waves and happiness. Cutting the story short, I was in France, I met the French, fell in love with the French ( How could one not?).
I travelled through Europe, went at gigs, had fun and met Mika!

But since summer only lasts three months I am back to my ironic self dealing with homework, not such a dramatic highschool life, the future and a big, noisy family.
And the big question….
I say lets bring back them Cooking Tuesdays.

Love, M.







So, I know we are on this wordpress blog but I have to talk about Tumblr. Cause it’s the best damn thing that ever happened to me . Before this awesome site my life was … Black and white. I had the feeling that all the awkward things that happen to me are some kind of a curse. That it is me alone against the world. Then, a great friend told me to make a tumblr account, because it was the best thing I could ever do. I was skeptical at first, and honestly I had had the tumblr account for about one year when one day I finally discovered how it works. Now I found amazing people there, posts that I feel like they had been written about me and kids that go through the same things I do. Every time I come home from school I go directly on my tumblr blog. It’s like my little wonderland, my escape. It’s amazing how happy it makes me. I’m actually starting to feel a little concerned cause it’s almost like a drug, I could stay on there a whole day and not get bored.
So thanks internet for giving us such wonderful virtual world. We really need them.

P.S. I do not want to offend the WordPress site. It is a wonderful blog where I can finally tell my feelings like I would tell them to an old friend. Both blogs are a blessing to me.


New Beginnings


Hello, dear person who is reading this. What i want all of you to know is that it was not my idea to do this blog. No way. My bestfriend, great girl and blogger started this. She inspired me to do this too, so here we go. My blog will perhaps have no specific topic. It’s just me, writing what I feel, thoughts on a blank desktop. It may sound a bit strange but I’ve never been one to express what i feel. Every person I truly trust knows it’s kind of hard to gain my friendship. I am afraid of new experiences, I may even be a little weird, as my mom said: “Don’t worry, kids can’t be stranger than you”. But, don’t worry I’m an optimistic and romantic at heart, so my posts won’t be emotional. At least not that much. Cheers, beautiful world.