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Football Mania


Yes, yes, I watched the Final between Italy and Spain yesterday and yes, it is the reason I am writing this post.
It’s actually really funny how it started.
Last night, we called it a family night, we stayed at home ‘enjoying’ the match. I actually did I enjoy it, as I am a dedicated Spain fan ( I really miss Villa on the the field) while my mom was almost crying to see Italy losing. The whole night I yelled and laughed, feeling the hateful looks on her face. Dad was quite neutral, so I could share with him my joy.
Anyway, today I was out and everyone I heard was chatting about the match. I heard old men calling themselves ‘el niƱo’ in the middle of the street or ‘ Hey, look, my little Torres.’ Then came the disappointed fans. ‘ I trusted Balotelli. He’s famous for nothing! It was humiliating! ‘ . Basically passionate people putting a lot of passion in their passion.
I found it quite amusing how people are so quickly to judge. It’s hard to put yourself in the other person’s place. Feel what they are feeling. But most easy, and at the same time most stupid is this judging thing. And I’m not strictly talking about the final, but usually, people are very critical.
I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. said Bill Cosby once, and I certainly agree with him. There’s nothing more pointless than trying to please everyone, because, no matter what you do, that’s simply impossible.

Anyway, leaving aside deep stuff, I must admit, I also screamed at my flat screen.
‘ My baby! One more goal!’. ‘ Noooo. ‘. ‘ Yeeees, ha mom, that’s real football! ‘ and well…
‘ There’s David Villa in the crowd! ‘