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Shopping til the very end


After two hours of mad hunting I came home hopeless, exhausted and worst of all giftless.

The Christmas shopping has begun and all I bought until now is a Sherlock Homles book for my friend and a travel journal for my mom. And I am kind of in a time crisis. I also fear the apocalypse may find me in a shop. Or at The Hobbit.
So… Last day on earth, huh? Everyone’s making jokes like there’s no tomorrow. Hahaha. I’m in a funny mood. However I am thinking that if I survive whatever happens tomorrow ( most near-death experience will probably be seeing the trailer of Star Trek on the big screen) I should do a bucket list. 100 things I want to do before I die. I mean, it’s sort of essential for every person, you know?



She builds up a word of magic..


“All this people that surround me, all these faces only drown me..”
Got this feeling a lot lately. I feel like I’m missing someone, some person I don’t even know. Like I’m loving someone I’ve never even met. Which is quite true to say the truth cause in dark nights my mind creates… But fairytales are fairytales and happy endings are rare. So, I live my phantasy only in my mind, and pray every evening that it becomes reality. Ironically this fake, perfect imagination is what keeps me going. The idea that something better is out there. That someone will understand me just as I am .. But until there I have a long way to walk. Now back to real life, Lessing’s book awaits me..