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21 Days to go


Taking advantage of my last sips of the delicious Caramel Machiatto I decided to write a bit. I just came back from doing some shopping for St. Nicholas. I bought lots and lots of sweets, tea cups and warm socks for my parents and for my grandmother. I’m very excited about this Christmas. Actually, no, I’m excited about Christmas in general, to be honest. I know, I know, it’s “over commercialized” and so on. I’ve heard this side of the story, too, because one my friends is a very cynical soul ( so am I in general, up to a point ). 

i just can’t help it, that warm feeling inside once December starts. I love everything about it. I get so excited when the first Coca-Cola commercial with Santa comes up in the cinemas, or when Starbucks change their cups to red. I love listening to carols on the radio, all of them! ( Last Christmas was once my favourite song, so yeah…). I enjoy the slight taste of cinnamon in every food and I actually always wanted to have one of those ridiculous red-reindeer jumpers. I can’t wait to walk with my best friend around the shops and buy all kinds of stupid things for the relatives or help her choose a gift for her mum. Or, walking under the lights in city centre, taking pictures. What about those cute Christmas-markets, where they sell mulled wine and ginger bread?

 I mean, how can anyone really hate Christmas?

I agree that the world doesn’t get better for a month, that people don’t change just because they see some lights on the streets and drink more hot chocolate. But it does send a positive message, to spread joy, make people smile. It should be more about that than about buying huge presents, I agree. And, like it or not, I actually think it brings a bit of warmth in this cold months.


 My favourite seasonal songs (that you probably never even heard) to cheer up all the grumpy cats out there:

A special person


Today I received my first ‘before birthday’ present from my grandmother, a wonderful person I would like to introduce you to.
She is very kind, very patient and the person I probably spent most time with. She is strong and ambitious, although she doesn’t always show it. She raised my mother alone, so I know how tough she can be, but also that she can spread more love than any other person I’ve ever met.
She is stubborn and sometimes naive, but would never admit it. She is pessimistic, but somehow, always right at the same time.
I couldn’t imagine any day without her. She knows when it’s going to rain and puts an umbrella in my bag, she constantly reminds me to eat fruits and vegetables ( even if I am 17 years old now), she recommends me books and watches Sherlock with me. She cooks every day, and I know she wants everything to be perfect when I come home from school. She puts little flowers on my desk ocasionally, just so, most of the time white roses, because they are my favourites. She buys me sweets, even if I always tell her that I already eat to much and she can recognize Mika whenever Rain plays on the radio.
And in every little thing she does for me, I know she puts so much love into it and I am so grateful that I was named after this magnificent human being.

Love, M.


Meretricious…and a happy New Year!



My favourite holiday of the year has come. Finally. And will be gone soon. This one day of 25 December seems to last the least of all, doesn’t it? And to make it as long as I can, I have spent it at home, laying around, doing sort of a movie marathon. Because, I doubt there is a better way of spending Christmas Day if not watch Love Actually with your whole family, right? What more could you want? You have Snape, John Watson, Mr. Bean and Mr. Darcy packed up in one adorable romantic comedy. Not to mention, Hugh Grant comes as a bonus.
Finally, I dragged my mother to watch Small Island with me and convinced my dad to watch The tale of Desperaux.
So my day has been…rather prolific I could say. Three more days listening to Christmas carols and then..puff. It’s gone. Christmas is over as soon as it started.


Jukebox Friday


My dearest, dearest everyone,

I carry good news 🙂
To make my blog more entertaining, and more enjoyable for you I decided to do a Friday jukebox. What does that mean? Every Friday evening I will pick a song ( song of the week/ favourite song/ songs I can’t get enough of) and post it right here.
Sounds good, right? I hope so. And because you can only understand a song by its lyrics I will post them, too.

Moreover, I will link the song to a memory/ a ship ( which, in case you don’t know, is a couple, or two persons you wish they were together. )

P.S. If you ever want to have your favourite song posted here and discussed, just post a comment below and you’ll listen to it next Friday on my blog 🙂
Now lets quit chatting and here’s my song :

It’s a weird choice, I know, but I can explain. My mother has loved George for a very veeery long time, so inevitable I know all his songs. It’s not, or better said was not, one of my favorites, Jesus to a child. Only recently I have discovered its story and the fact that it is dedicated to his lover, a man that died when George was still very young. From what I have learned, he died of HIV and the singer suffered hugely afterwards.
I couldn’t get the song out of my head or out of repeat today. It manages to transport you in a different state of mind. It’s impressive how 5 minutes manage to amaze the unimpressed.
So, listen to it carefully, give it a try, because it is worth it. It is a beautiful ode dedicated to love and death both, sang by the angelic voice of George Michael.

Tip: try to listen to it while reading the lyrics. It’s a very interesting feeling.

Kindness In your eyes
I guess You heard me cry
You smiled at me
Like Jesus to a child

I’m blessed I know
Heaven sent And Heaven stole
You smiled at me
Like Jesus to a child

And what have I learned
From all this pain
I thought I’d never feel the same
About anyone
Or anything again

But now I know
When you find love
When you know that it exists
Then the lover that you miss
Will come to you on those cold, cold nights

When you’ve been loved
When you know it holds such bliss
Then the lover that you kissed
Will comfort you when there’s no hope in sight

Sadness In my eyes
No one guessed
Or no one tried
You smiled at me
Like Jesus to a child

Loveless and cold
With your last breath
You saved my soul
You smiled at me
Like Jesus to a child

And what have I learned
From all these tears
I’ve waited for you all those years
And just when it began
He took your love away

But I still say
When you find love
When you know that it exists
Then the lover that you miss
Will come to you on those cold, cold nights

When you’ve been loved
When you know it holds such bliss
Then the lover that you kissed
Will comfort you when there’s no hope in sight

So the words you could not say
I’ll sing them for you
And the love we would have made
I’ll make it for two

For every single memory
Has become a part of me
You will always be My love

Well I’ve been loved
So I know just what love is
And the lover that I kissed
Is always by my side

Oh the lover I still miss
Was Jesus to a child
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Happy Thanksgiving


Right, so happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!! 🙂 have a nice celebration.
And to the rest of us… Enjoy your day ( or what it’s left of it. )

I must say what I am thankful for?

•Music, earphones, books, posters, movies, journals, sunglasses and warm weather, neardiness, comic books, photo cameras, piano music, Chopin CDs, colorful pijamas…

Oh, and being healthy, having the best family and nice friends and such… Of course.


Family, Friends, Mika


Thanksgiving is knocking on our door and I’ve decided to reevaluate the things I’m thankful for. Beside the obvious pleasures of life such as chocolate, puppies and books the top things for which I’m thankful are my family, friends and Mika.

My family.
Kind, stubborn and funny. They know me at my worst and still let me sleep under their roof. They may nerve me from time to time – but hey – we’re family. They support me, in everything I want to achieve and help me give the best there is in me. They are there when no one else is. They are overprotective and they panic a lot, all because, well, they love me. I am thankful for that.

My friends.
Loud, crazy and awesome. Because they know the song in my head and sing it along. Because of all the inside jokes and magic times spent together. Because we are all different and unique in our own way. Because whatever happens we are there for each other, and we stick together for better or for worse. Because nothing in the world could bring us down. Because we can read our minds. Because of this and that and many more, I love you good old friends ( special thanks to Ada, Stefi, Cati, Bogdan and Matei ).

Brilliant, genius and absolutely lovable. I am thankful for music in general but there is this one singer that helped me more than a lot : Mika. Since I started listening to his music, I knew a star was born. His music is more than instruments gathered together. His music is passion, craziness, youth and power. He can make me smile when no one else can. He and his music helped a lot of young people and made me realize, it’s okay to be different. Different is good, black is not a colour and wear rainbow. He does what he loves without caring what others think and I’m thankful for the lessons he has thought me.

Indeed I have a lot to be thankful for.
P.S. Among these I am thankful for much, much more.