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21 Days to go


Taking advantage of my last sips of the delicious Caramel Machiatto I decided to write a bit. I just came back from doing some shopping for St. Nicholas. I bought lots and lots of sweets, tea cups and warm socks for my parents and for my grandmother. I’m very excited about this Christmas. Actually, no, I’m excited about Christmas in general, to be honest. I know, I know, it’s “over commercialized” and so on. I’ve heard this side of the story, too, because one my friends is a very cynical soul ( so am I in general, up to a point ). 

i just can’t help it, that warm feeling inside once December starts. I love everything about it. I get so excited when the first Coca-Cola commercial with Santa comes up in the cinemas, or when Starbucks change their cups to red. I love listening to carols on the radio, all of them! ( Last Christmas was once my favourite song, so yeah…). I enjoy the slight taste of cinnamon in every food and I actually always wanted to have one of those ridiculous red-reindeer jumpers. I can’t wait to walk with my best friend around the shops and buy all kinds of stupid things for the relatives or help her choose a gift for her mum. Or, walking under the lights in city centre, taking pictures. What about those cute Christmas-markets, where they sell mulled wine and ginger bread?

 I mean, how can anyone really hate Christmas?

I agree that the world doesn’t get better for a month, that people don’t change just because they see some lights on the streets and drink more hot chocolate. But it does send a positive message, to spread joy, make people smile. It should be more about that than about buying huge presents, I agree. And, like it or not, I actually think it brings a bit of warmth in this cold months.


 My favourite seasonal songs (that you probably never even heard) to cheer up all the grumpy cats out there:


Present ideas


This post is exact what the title announces: some small ideas for gifts this Christmas.

It’s hard to find these days something to lay under the three for the loved ones, as everyone has everything they already need. It’s even harder to find something cool and original.

I have decided to at least try and make it a bit easier for you this year to go shopping. So here’s my little Santa list:

Anyone who is talented at drawing or sketching or painting should make something as a gift. To me, there’s no better present than a hand-made one. However, if you fear you are not really good at drawing you can build a scrapbook for your friends. It’s not expensive and fun to build. I bough a book for this, so I can give you some ideas.




2. Books
Hobby books, literature, all work for me. It may be a little old fashioned for some, but I find books, interesting books a great gift.
A little tip: look for books by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I’m a huge fan.

3. For those of you in a fandom, we know that anything related to the fandom is perfection. So, I have perfect gifts for us, cursed ones.



4. Book postcards
Cover of books by Penguin are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. A must-have to all geeks.


5. Heart-shaped photography holder.
It’s one of the best presents I have ever received and it’s a great way to hold all your memories in a gorgeous metal heart. You can find it in libraries easily and it makes a lovely present.
Tip: you can fill it with old pictures of you and your friend/ family.


Hope I helped, even if a little, and good luck with finding the perfect ideas for your gifts this year. If you have any interesting, different ideas, please share them with me. ( I need you!!! ) 🙂