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People,pardon my language, suck. Though human beings are known to be the most intelligent creatures alive, they are also the meanest, the most selfish and the most hypocrite. Day by day I see the living proof of human badness. Never, however sincere someone may seem, never trust a human being. Just when you think you know a person, they turn out to be something else. When you finally think you’ve found a great lifetime friend they are going to stab you in the back, right when you need them most. You may wonder, what is wrong with me today, why the so negative post, but you know it’s true. People are made to let other people down. If something seems to good to be true, it’s because it probably is. No one is good to someone, for the simple reason of being a kind person. Everyone has a dark side, a demonic being inside. Every time you put trust into someone you get hurt. Any yet people are so needy. Everyone needs to be loved, everyone needs friends. And in this up down world, where everything seems wrong, in the midst of this miserable life, I am thankful, oh so thankful to the only friends that have never let me down. I don’t know if they are going to stab me in the back someday, but right now, I doubt it. 15 years of friendship is a long time, and I’m sure more beautiful years are going to come. Years of harm and joy, of friendships and dissapointemens.
“People, you can never change the way they feel, better let them do just what they will, for they will.”