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The marvels of the Internet


Oh, boy, the Internet is great. Really. I mean, of course, there’s mean stuff out there and all that. But I just found the best websites. Ever. And I need to share this with you.
Here are some places you should go when:
you are disgruntled
you need to go in a quiet place
you want to make things okay
you need a hug
just click this.
you need to calm down

Hope this helps a bit if you are having a tougher day. It made me smile for a while! See you soon!! 😊





So, I know we are on this wordpress blog but I have to talk about Tumblr. Cause it’s the best damn thing that ever happened to me . Before this awesome site my life was … Black and white. I had the feeling that all the awkward things that happen to me are some kind of a curse. That it is me alone against the world. Then, a great friend told me to make a tumblr account, because it was the best thing I could ever do. I was skeptical at first, and honestly I had had the tumblr account for about one year when one day I finally discovered how it works. Now I found amazing people there, posts that I feel like they had been written about me and kids that go through the same things I do. Every time I come home from school I go directly on my tumblr blog. It’s like my little wonderland, my escape. It’s amazing how happy it makes me. I’m actually starting to feel a little concerned cause it’s almost like a drug, I could stay on there a whole day and not get bored.
So thanks internet for giving us such wonderful virtual world. We really need them.

P.S. I do not want to offend the WordPress site. It is a wonderful blog where I can finally tell my feelings like I would tell them to an old friend. Both blogs are a blessing to me.