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Another normal evening


This has been a most weird afternoon. With Christmas approaching and all that, my mom decided to invite all relatives. With all their small, hyperactive, screaming kids. And of course, I had to babysit. Hurray. Thanks to “Jungle Book” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” my work was much easier and I could finish The Hobbit in silence.
Occasionally I was interrupted, of course.
Firstly, I had to open the presents. A turquoise pullover, two sizes smaller ( people tend to forget that I actually do grow up while they don’t see me ) with something in its pockets ( please be money, please be money). A bracelet, which is surprisingly pretty. Then of course, some odd smelly candles which I will probably never use.
Then of course, answer all questions.

What grade are you in?
Do you have a boyfriend yet?
Oh, you play the piano? Sing us something.
How is high school?
Are you the first one in your class?

After everyone ate enough ( do you notice how relatives always seem to be getting fatter every time you see them?)
they started singing karaoke. And not any song. Andrea fucking Bocelli.
At least, the cherry pie was delicious.



Help: Johnny Depp vs. Brad Pitt ( the ultimate argument)


I’m having a debate with my mother and I need a little help here. I’m going to tell you how things are.

I am a Johnny Depp fan. I loved that man since I was 9 and he will always be my favourite actor. I consider him to be the most versatile, interesting, gorgeous and talented actor at Hollywood. I am trying to persuade my mother into thinking the same.
Just think about it:
He played so many parts, all so different. He is a genius. I really mean that. Although I may not agree sometimes with his choices in his personal life ( how can anyone stand that Vanessa Paradise ) that does not change how amazingly talented he is.

And I didn’t even mention his unique sense of style.

My mother is a Brad Pitt fan. She is the classic woman. Problem is, she consideres Brad to be more talented. She thinks his movies are more intelligent and he is more good looking.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Brad a lot and I admire him a lot. But I love Depp.

Now, here comes your part. Who is your favourite? Please help us solve this incredibly domestic argument.


I’m Van Gogh


Because tomorrow is my birthday the previous night I had a little sleepover with two friends. Funny enough three 16 year old girls ( we like to call ourselves mature from time to time ) ended up watching Ice Age while eating bacon and Pringles until 4 am in the morning.
Ok, it was fun. More than I’ve had in a while. We played games without STOPING and listened to Muse and The Kooks. So I could say my birthday was pretty good.
My mom couldn’t understand why I don’t want a party to invite more people, and I didn’t really know how to explain her that I don’t feel comfortable around so many people. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway. If you ever have a sleepover I made a list of some activities you can do, after my own experience.

1. Play cards. Whoever loses must receive a dare.
Dare ideas ( we did those ) :
Cinnamon challenge ( eat a spoon full of cinnamon ).
Call someone and tell them the rules of monopoly.
Karaoke your favourite song.
Recite dramatically a poem.
Run outside singing ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber.
Name all dwarves from Snow White in 30 sec. Those you couldn’t name will be written on you.
Eat cake without using your hands.
Put makeup on another person. blindfolded.
2. Watch a cartoon movie. ( or any movie, but those are more fun )
3. Game. You must write a known person, or a fictional one, on a piece of paper and stick it to the forehead of the player to your left. Stay in a circle all of you and try to guess who you are by asking Yes/No questions.

Those would be some ideas, but have fun discovering games you like, as well.

Have fun!!




Okay, so if you are reading this post you need to know I am a huge, huge fan of Sherlock ( BBC series and books). I know it’s ‘just a tv-show’ as the sane people call it, but, slowly it became an unhealthy obsession and I started guiding my life after what they say, and taking their every word as fact. For instance:
– I see but I do not observe.
– Basically everyone’s stupid.
– Brainy is the new sexy.
– Family is all we have in the end.
– Friends protect people.
– A disguise is always a self portrait.
The memory is like an attic with finite space- False.
Or so said our psychology teacher. Of course, hearing that, it sort of destroys my thinking. So obviously I did some research. Apparently there are theories and theories. Some say it’s finite some disagree. According to my text book, there has not yet been discovered where is exactly our memory is. It’s not in our head, as most believe, most likely in our DNA. However, I tend to believe that the more useless information you gather you lose a bit of information you had previously gained, although not seizable.
Well, this had been some serious post.
To end in a good note, I propose to you a little mind exercise to put those lazy neurons to work:

Which day is 2 days before the day that follows immediate the day which is 3 days before the day that is 2 days after the day that is right before Friday?

Have fun, and drop a response in the comment box bellow and I’ll answer in two days. 🙂

Note: My obsession to Sherlock is not /that/ unhealthy. Yet.