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Some thoughts..


If there’s anything I’ve learned in my few years of life is not to be afraid of who I am. There are so few people that can really speak their mind nowadays, mostly because they are embarrassed and that is simply wrong. 

I was very shy as a child. I used to hide under the table when guests came over and pretend I was invisible, because I didn’t want to talk to them. I am shy now, as well, which is very often perceived by people as arrogance. I am not a people person, mainly because I enjoy being on my own, I like to lose time inside my own mind ( which, frankly, more people should do) and I find social chatting exhausting. However I do get lonely, and that is what my few friends are for. I will only make the first move if a person really interests me, otherwise I’m pretty quiet. My mother always told me that this is not a bad thing and I should embrace who I am, what I am, because if I don’t get myself, no one ever will, and I know she is never wrong. She goes as far as to be proud of having a rather ‘strange’ (as she puts it) kid.

I think it is important to take some time for yourself, too. Call it meditation, or thinking, or however you want, but being on your own, just discovering yourself can be extremely fascinating. There is so much that you don’t know about who you are, things that are so interesting to find out, that you should know. Just as you leave some time to meet your friends for a coffee, put some time aside to meet with your own thoughts. Wander around your mind, read books that change your perspective on the world, listen to music, analyze your dreams, do things that make you happy.There’s only one you in this entire universe, and if you don’t think that is spectacular, you are so wrong.

Because, if there’s one thing I learned is to appreciate my own self and accept and appreciate the diversity of people around me. Surround myself with other types of people, people that will challenge me, help me grow and people that will bring out the best in me. That is the only way to find happiness, in the friends that laugh with you and in your own infinite mind. 



The man in the square


As my dad picked me up from school today I heard a very interesting story on the radio. It was about a man in our city, that feeds the pigeons at the main square.

Avram is a an old man that for 10 years now has been feeding the pigeons every day. He comes 5-6 km by foot just to bring several bags with seeds for the birds. Some reporters very intrigued by his story and asked him about his life, and the purpose of his strange act. He said

Pigeons are kinder and warmer than people.

Whenever he comes in the square, hundreds of pigeons follow him, trying to find a royal place on his shoulders and if not, at least to get some seeds off the ground.

This man is at least interesting and his story caught my eye. The way people interact with animals is sometimes amazing. Avram said he will always come to bring food for the pigeons. Asked how is dealing with the cold weather outside and the snow the man simply replied:

Even on cold weather, the pigeons still need me.




People,pardon my language, suck. Though human beings are known to be the most intelligent creatures alive, they are also the meanest, the most selfish and the most hypocrite. Day by day I see the living proof of human badness. Never, however sincere someone may seem, never trust a human being. Just when you think you know a person, they turn out to be something else. When you finally think you’ve found a great lifetime friend they are going to stab you in the back, right when you need them most. You may wonder, what is wrong with me today, why the so negative post, but you know it’s true. People are made to let other people down. If something seems to good to be true, it’s because it probably is. No one is good to someone, for the simple reason of being a kind person. Everyone has a dark side, a demonic being inside. Every time you put trust into someone you get hurt. Any yet people are so needy. Everyone needs to be loved, everyone needs friends. And in this up down world, where everything seems wrong, in the midst of this miserable life, I am thankful, oh so thankful to the only friends that have never let me down. I don’t know if they are going to stab me in the back someday, but right now, I doubt it. 15 years of friendship is a long time, and I’m sure more beautiful years are going to come. Years of harm and joy, of friendships and dissapointemens.
“People, you can never change the way they feel, better let them do just what they will, for they will.”