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Meretricious…and a happy New Year!



My favourite holiday of the year has come. Finally. And will be gone soon. This one day of 25 December seems to last the least of all, doesn’t it? And to make it as long as I can, I have spent it at home, laying around, doing sort of a movie marathon. Because, I doubt there is a better way of spending Christmas Day if not watch Love Actually with your whole family, right? What more could you want? You have Snape, John Watson, Mr. Bean and Mr. Darcy packed up in one adorable romantic comedy. Not to mention, Hugh Grant comes as a bonus.
Finally, I dragged my mother to watch Small Island with me and convinced my dad to watch The tale of Desperaux.
So my day has been…rather prolific I could say. Three more days listening to Christmas carols and then..puff. It’s gone. Christmas is over as soon as it started.



Another normal evening


This has been a most weird afternoon. With Christmas approaching and all that, my mom decided to invite all relatives. With all their small, hyperactive, screaming kids. And of course, I had to babysit. Hurray. Thanks to “Jungle Book” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” my work was much easier and I could finish The Hobbit in silence.
Occasionally I was interrupted, of course.
Firstly, I had to open the presents. A turquoise pullover, two sizes smaller ( people tend to forget that I actually do grow up while they don’t see me ) with something in its pockets ( please be money, please be money). A bracelet, which is surprisingly pretty. Then of course, some odd smelly candles which I will probably never use.
Then of course, answer all questions.

What grade are you in?
Do you have a boyfriend yet?
Oh, you play the piano? Sing us something.
How is high school?
Are you the first one in your class?

After everyone ate enough ( do you notice how relatives always seem to be getting fatter every time you see them?)
they started singing karaoke. And not any song. Andrea fucking Bocelli.
At least, the cherry pie was delicious.


Chocolate and gifts


This evening , according to the legend, St. Nicholaus is filling the shoes of all good children with sweets and fruits. As a child, thanks to my family, I strongly believed in magic, St. Nick and Santa Claus. Today, it’s a joy for me to buy sweets for my parents, wrap them up and put them in red stockings.


Even the city seems ready to celebrate this eve and all Christmas lights have been turned on. I am proud to say that my city has never looked better and the Christmas maket is absolutely gorgeous. I see parents everywhere caring presents and bags and strangely it just makes me happy. I feel like in sort of a movie. Not even the freezing cold outside can bother me anymore.

Our beautiful, beautiful Christmas market.

To sweeten my day, as a pre-gift for tonight I got a delicious cookie:


So this is our tradition. Every night on the 5th of December good kids receive sweets or fruits. Sometimes, to those really good children, St. Nick may even carry a toy or two.

How are traditions in other countries? It is the same or totally different? What do you do on this day?

I’m waiting for your answers. Love, Maria.

(Yap, these are our presents.)

Present ideas


This post is exact what the title announces: some small ideas for gifts this Christmas.

It’s hard to find these days something to lay under the three for the loved ones, as everyone has everything they already need. It’s even harder to find something cool and original.

I have decided to at least try and make it a bit easier for you this year to go shopping. So here’s my little Santa list:

Anyone who is talented at drawing or sketching or painting should make something as a gift. To me, there’s no better present than a hand-made one. However, if you fear you are not really good at drawing you can build a scrapbook for your friends. It’s not expensive and fun to build. I bough a book for this, so I can give you some ideas.




2. Books
Hobby books, literature, all work for me. It may be a little old fashioned for some, but I find books, interesting books a great gift.
A little tip: look for books by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I’m a huge fan.

3. For those of you in a fandom, we know that anything related to the fandom is perfection. So, I have perfect gifts for us, cursed ones.



4. Book postcards
Cover of books by Penguin are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. A must-have to all geeks.


5. Heart-shaped photography holder.
It’s one of the best presents I have ever received and it’s a great way to hold all your memories in a gorgeous metal heart. You can find it in libraries easily and it makes a lovely present.
Tip: you can fill it with old pictures of you and your friend/ family.


Hope I helped, even if a little, and good luck with finding the perfect ideas for your gifts this year. If you have any interesting, different ideas, please share them with me. ( I need you!!! ) 🙂

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter


Okay, I have to admit I am one of those Christmas lovers. It it just the best time of the year and ever since it ends I am waiting for the next Christmas.
I have friends who hate Christmas and I can’t understand how you can hate this. It’s like hating puppies. Seriously. So, I have thought about why I like it so much and I’ve come up with a little list.
• The songs. For a long time my favourite song in the entire world was Last Christmas. Yes, I love these songs. Turning on the radio and hearing Mariah Carey and Queen and John Lennon just gives a certain lively feeling. Everything turns into Santa’s fm and well….I love it.
• The Starbucks cups. Winter only starts when those red beautiful cups appear. Buy a Caramel Machiatto in one of those and there you have it: Christmas in a cup.
• The lights. On every single house. On the big boulevards. In the trees. Like the whole town turns into a magical circus.
• Cinammon and apple sweets and hot chocolate. Those are the best. I live for these things.
• The movies. They may not be the best, Oscar-worthy movies, but they do have that unique sweetness.
• Present. Buying and receiving.

But these are just a few things. I love love love everything about this time. Everything.