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A special person


Today I received my first ‘before birthday’ present from my grandmother, a wonderful person I would like to introduce you to.
She is very kind, very patient and the person I probably spent most time with. She is strong and ambitious, although she doesn’t always show it. She raised my mother alone, so I know how tough she can be, but also that she can spread more love than any other person I’ve ever met.
She is stubborn and sometimes naive, but would never admit it. She is pessimistic, but somehow, always right at the same time.
I couldn’t imagine any day without her. She knows when it’s going to rain and puts an umbrella in my bag, she constantly reminds me to eat fruits and vegetables ( even if I am 17 years old now), she recommends me books and watches Sherlock with me. She cooks every day, and I know she wants everything to be perfect when I come home from school. She puts little flowers on my desk ocasionally, just so, most of the time white roses, because they are my favourites. She buys me sweets, even if I always tell her that I already eat to much and she can recognize Mika whenever Rain plays on the radio.
And in every little thing she does for me, I know she puts so much love into it and I am so grateful that I was named after this magnificent human being.

Love, M.



The man in the square


As my dad picked me up from school today I heard a very interesting story on the radio. It was about a man in our city, that feeds the pigeons at the main square.

Avram is a an old man that for 10 years now has been feeding the pigeons every day. He comes 5-6 km by foot just to bring several bags with seeds for the birds. Some reporters very intrigued by his story and asked him about his life, and the purpose of his strange act. He said

Pigeons are kinder and warmer than people.

Whenever he comes in the square, hundreds of pigeons follow him, trying to find a royal place on his shoulders and if not, at least to get some seeds off the ground.

This man is at least interesting and his story caught my eye. The way people interact with animals is sometimes amazing. Avram said he will always come to bring food for the pigeons. Asked how is dealing with the cold weather outside and the snow the man simply replied:

Even on cold weather, the pigeons still need me.