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Meretricious…and a happy New Year!



My favourite holiday of the year has come. Finally. And will be gone soon. This one day of 25 December seems to last the least of all, doesn’t it? And to make it as long as I can, I have spent it at home, laying around, doing sort of a movie marathon. Because, I doubt there is a better way of spending Christmas Day if not watch Love Actually with your whole family, right? What more could you want? You have Snape, John Watson, Mr. Bean and Mr. Darcy packed up in one adorable romantic comedy. Not to mention, Hugh Grant comes as a bonus.
Finally, I dragged my mother to watch Small Island with me and convinced my dad to watch The tale of Desperaux.
So my day has been…rather prolific I could say. Three more days listening to Christmas carols and then..puff. It’s gone. Christmas is over as soon as it started.


Shopping til the very end


After two hours of mad hunting I came home hopeless, exhausted and worst of all giftless.

The Christmas shopping has begun and all I bought until now is a Sherlock Homles book for my friend and a travel journal for my mom. And I am kind of in a time crisis. I also fear the apocalypse may find me in a shop. Or at The Hobbit.
So… Last day on earth, huh? Everyone’s making jokes like there’s no tomorrow. Hahaha. I’m in a funny mood. However I am thinking that if I survive whatever happens tomorrow ( most near-death experience will probably be seeing the trailer of Star Trek on the big screen) I should do a bucket list. 100 things I want to do before I die. I mean, it’s sort of essential for every person, you know?


Snow girl


Today I wanted to feel like the pavement in my backyard. So, given the fact that the snow outside was really high I lay down and started doing little angels in the snow. As i lay down I felt a strange joy for that magic peaceful moment. I lay there, without moving. The snowflakes were tickling my face and the moment seemed to never end. I never wanted it to end anyways. I lay down there and completely fell asleep. Like if I closed my eyes everything would disappear. It never felt better to waste time. To completely do absolutely nothing and yet be so amazed. It gave me a certain feeling that I can’t describe. What I’m positive about, is that for one moment, one single second I felt incredible.




Today I couldn’t wake up. I knew I should but the bed looked so much cozier than outside. After some time, though I started to feel guilty for not waking up, and weird dreams were starting so I opened my sleepy eyes. Fuck! Snow again. Why do you never come for Christmas? So, freezing and sleepy I prepared for school. Thanks to mom, and to the snow storm outside I am not going to school today. So, I am happy.,…oh this is so lame. Just wanted to thank the annoying snow outside for closing our school. Finally you did a good job. Keep the storms coming 🙂


Sweet November, you are mine.


Oh sweet November. Not warm, but not yet cold. Time changing, mood-swings, strangeness. A day sunny, the other rainy. No one gets you, no one loves you. It’s the month in which I was born. “So dull and dark are the November days”, a wise man one said. Was he right? Is this month loved by no one? Is it an ocean of emotions, depression and dulness this 11th month? It depresses me to think I’ve reached November. It remembers me how quickly time passes by, how quickly I change. How everyone around me is changing. But I refuse to blame this month for my stupid sadness. These 30 days should be a reason for happiness to me. I’m getting older and wiser. Christmas comes, another year passed by. When did we all get so big?