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The end of a bad day


I am having a very bad day, so bare with me for a while.
Do you ever have days when you just want to kill everyone around you, when you put all your effort to answer others’s questions, when every remark makes you want to kill yourself, when you hope that by hitting your head repeatedly against the desk will kill you, when nothing can make you smile?
Because I’ve been having those for about a week. And today my nerves have been stretched to maximum. I hate those imbeciles that don’t grade us based on our qualities, that popular girl everyone seems to be in love with, that person that is lucky and gets all good grades. I mean, the only one who has a more depressing life is the character in my book. And he was chosen to be a character, which is as good as things can get.
I want to be a fictional character. It would be much, much better. Why can’t Peter Pan come flying in my room? Why doesn’t the Doctor appear in his Tardis and take me away? Why can’t I solve cases with a high dysfunctional sociopath? Why can’t I kiss Jack Sparrow and then save him from the death? Why can’t I live in Barcelona and be one of Zafon’s characters?

I mean, not even Christmas songs can cheer me up, which is something.
Ugh, 3 more days until the End of the World. Hopefully.


Exams, Plato and Music.


Red eyes, caffeine supply, hundreds of written pages and nights unslept. Yap, it’s exams time again. Tomorrow it’s the start and we finish in two weeks. Five subjects, five test-papers and I can only hope for the best.
Tonight I am finished and I’ve done all I can for the tomorrow paper. Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.
Point is… I wanted to share some music with you.
Easy. Because music is the best way to relax, to spend three minutes away from all the stress and just enjoy a good song. Even Plato says:

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

Between my personal favourites are Mika, Muse, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Arctic Monkeys and such. I’m sure you’ve all heard of them, but it’s my duty to formally introduce you to the music that touches my soul.

Healing the soul.


In 2 weeks I have a piano concert and I am entirely freaking out. I know the songs, I love to play them and I’ve always dreamt about being on a stage. But right now, it kind of scares me. I guess I always wished for those things because, well, I never thought it would happen.
Anyway, the piano, somehow starts to heal me. Before I started playing I used to feel like something was missing, like I was incomplete. At that time I thought that love was what I was missing. The so-called sweet feeling everybody chases. I thought my life was incomplete because I hadn’t found that yet. But here I am today, still alone, happy, still searching for that fascinating soul mate. But this time I am complete. The piano, the feeling that I can sing for myself, the thought that I can play music for my soul whenever I wanted to healed me. I’m no longer in search for something. I’m no longer scared, no longer anxious. The piano helps me think, calms me down and makes me completely happy.