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I have been thinking. About lots of stuff, the truth is. Life, death, love and hate. Debated them hundreds of times in my mind. I was encouraged to know I’m not the only one in seek on answers to some unasked questions. So I turned to music and books. Truth is recently I’m more fond of music than people. Some may find it silly, but I’d rather walk home listening to my playlist than having a non sense conversation with people I have no interest in. Music opened a new gate of my soul. I’ve found songs that reach so deep in my heart and that give me power to move on with my life. It’s incredible how many feelings music can create… That deep sorrow, the smile, melancholic smile or just a frown. I know that “All you need is love” , I’ve learnt that it’s painful to say “Goodbye my lover” and whenever I’m sad I can just ” Blame it on the girls “. So, by that I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to whom ever touched a piano, a guitar, or composed a song, THANK YOU. For inspiring me day by day. You are wonderful. Good night.